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First, I would like to thank all the workers that give of their time to serving others. These include Nancy Boston, Paula Weeks, Mary Virginia Martin, Jean Murray, Lynn Frazier and Nancy Jo Brown (from Grace). We can’t forget our men who do behind the screen work: Jerry Baxley and Don Garrison.

The Pantry has grown this past year by leaps and bounds. We have been so blessed to be partnered with the Society of St. Andrew under the direction of Rosemary Duncan (Kathy Barrowman’s sister). We have gleaned thousands of pounds of produce from farmers and still get some produce from the Curb Market and State Farmer’s Market. This helps out every week.

We plan on continuing working with the farmers as before. We will need help sorting all the produce that will start coming in April and May. We will be working with Alplin’s Farm at the East Chase market as soon as they open in the spring and continue all summer. We will need help on Saturdays around 12:30 to clean up and pack the food up.

We still hope to open on Saturdays, but need volunteers to commit each week.

We received a $7,000 grant from the Central Alabama Community Foundation in November. It will be used to update all the electrical work in the pantry rooms to take care of all the freezers and refrigerators. We hope we can purchase a new cooler for all the produce we get in.

We have had a wonderful year and God has been truly good and loving. We were able to distribute food to 4,988 families totaling 8,922 people fed.

Thank you for all your support.

Barbara Johnson --Food Pantry Coordinator


Food, Fun, Fruit Rollups

The ECW of the Church of the Holy Comforter includes all women who belong to the parish. Active ECW members are organized into three service/social guilds: Saint Anne’s; Saint Mary’s; and Saint Martha’s. St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s Guild meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday and the 2nd Wednesday respectfully.

Members of all three of the Service Guilds were involved in enumerable events throughout  2013 including: the Goodwill Fashion Show and Luncheon; Altar Guild Meeting; Annual Parish Meeting; annual ECW Spaghetti Supper; Lenten Luncheon at St. John’s; Bishop’s Visit; Father Bob’s Installation and Reception; Easter Reception; the annual Pentecost Picnic; Spring UTO Ingathering.; the Kitchen Reorganization and Clean-up; the annual ECW Summer Event- Fish Fry; representing Holy Comforter at the Diocesan ECW Fall Conference; Fall Altar Guild Meeting; Fall UTO Ingathering; the Annual Parish Vestry Elections; the annual Cheese Ball Prep and Sale; and the  Soup Sale.

In addition, the ECW Board adopted the Chisholm Homeless Women’s Shelter as a Christmas Project providing gifts for the 18 to 20 single women in the shelter and putting on a Christmas Party with refreshments during the holidays. St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s guilds bought and wrapped at least 2 gifts for each woman. St. Martha’s donated and put together monogrammed shower caddies for each of the women. Members from each guild delivered the presents to the center and gave a Christmas party for the women with homemade goodies and soft drinks, bags of candy put together by St. Mary’s were distributed.

Monies received by the ECW come from annual pledges given by all of the Holy Comforter women and ECW moneymaking projects during the current year. Proceeds are used for Outreach and specific needs of the parish determined by the ECW Board with input from the rector. This year the ECW was able to distribute $4,300.

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